About us

About us


Seabreeze Estates and Holiday Accommodation is a family run Estate Agency that has been around since South Africa became a democracy in the mid 1990’s. The founder of Seabreeze Estates, Ann Smith, recognized the beauty and potential of the Leisure Bay and Glenmore area, not only as a holiday destination, but a paradise waiting to welcome visitors home. Up until then the area was regarded pretty much only as a fishing destination things have changed a lot since those days!

Today the area is the envy of many other villages along the Lower South Coast. With its active #lookingafterleisurebay community and a solid Neighbourhood Watch, Leisure Bay is not only the best-kept secret on the Lower South Coast, but also a conservation area owned by all its rate payers. In a nutshell, Leisure Bay is a well-run village.

Debbie Lennon, related to the original founder of Seabreeze Estates, and her family now runs the agency and are intricately woven into the beautiful fabric that makes up Leisure Bay.

Seabreeze Holiday Letting has a large Range of holiday homes to let, which spans an equally large price range. Whether you are on a budget or can afford absolute luxury Seabreeze can accommodate you.  They can accommodate small families, medium sized families, large families, super sized families and pets of families…you name it! What makes Seabreeze Letting such a pleasure to work through is the fact that Seabreeze is also responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the homes they let out to holidaymakers. Ensuring that the holiday home you check into will always be spotless.

That side of the business, Pot Pourri Property Care, is run by Peter Schoeman, Debbie’s son, while the women, who do the cleaning, are from the local community and all have been with Pot Pourri Property Care for many trusted years. Pot Pourri Property Care also employs specialized gardeners that keep the outside of all of holiday homes looking great. This side of the family business falls in the capable hands of Debbie’s life partner, Koos Coetzee.

Seabreeze Estates also focuses on property sales and has a track record for moving property for the best prices in the area. Phillip Lennon is the sales division’s selling intern agent. What makes Seabreeze Estates unique is that it makes use of personalized videos to market properties. Phillip Lennon, who is also an award winning videographer and television producer, films the homes, producing inserts that are posted on social media, showcasing Leisure Bay’s beautiful beach houses and its magnificent scenery.

Seabreeze Estates also administrates properties for private homeowners living abroad, body corporate and share block companies. This dedicated team handles all administrative and domestic matters. The team at Seabreeze Estates is passionate about the area, and chose to make Leisure Bay their home. It is a home that they want to share with you.

So come home, come home to Leisure Bay.